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Fallas Benidorm 2018

The Most Typical Valencian Fiesta

In Benidorm we are in Fiesta; the light, color and fire ... above all the fire,will  floods the streets  of our town for a few days. From this hospitable town we invite you to fully live and experience the Fallas, undoubtedly our most internationally known festival.

For five days the castles, monuments and “mascletaes” become the protagonists of Benidorm, where the smell of gunpowder is interspersed with the smell of flowers and the music of the bands with the sound of masclets.

A transformation that occurs as a prelude to spring, and on March 19, everything ends and everything begins; with the last of the ashes people start to dream of Fallas again for  the following year.

This excellent Valencian fiesta  takes place in Benidorm from the 15th to March 19th, the festivity of San José.

There are three Fallas Commissions: falla “centro”, falla “rincón” and falla “els tolls”, which are responsible for creating their Fallas constructions in their respective districts and organise the fiesta. Parades, and flower offering are the most significant events, culminating in the feast day (the 19th) with the "cremá" (burning of the fallas).

The six children’s and adults versions of monuments are burned at different times for people who want to  view all the burnings.




"PLANTÁ" (setting up) of the Fallas:

Falla Benidorm: Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Falla Rincón: Av. Ametlla de Mar.

Falla Els Tolls: Tomás Ortuño street.


05:45 h. Opening of the Church of San Jaime y Santa Ana with the 21 salvoes and bell ringing in honour to the Virgin of the Suffrage, at Plaza de San Jaime.

06:00 h. Procession of the Virgin around the Old Town and a visit to the beaches, to end with the traditional verse to the Virgin.

07:00 h. Thanksgiving Mass, in honour to the Virgin. When that ends, there will be chocolate and cake for all the people present.

12:00 h. Bell ringing at the Church of San Jaime y Santa Ana.

20:00 h. Mass at the Church of San Jaime y Santa Ana, sung by the choir of “La Barqueta” accompanied by the organist Rafael Domenech.


10:30 h. Parade of the band “L´Illa de Benidorm”, by the streets around the Falla “Rincón de Loix”. Afterwards,

parade of Falla “Rincón de Loix” to visit Falla “Benidorm Centro” and then, both Fallas, (around 12:30h) will go marching to Falla “Els Tolls”, to pay them a visit.

12:00 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls”, around their quarter.

17:00 h. Parade of Falla “Rincón de Loix” around their quarter.

17:00 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls” to visit Falla “Benidorm Centro” and, afterwards, (around 18:00h) both Fallas will go visit the Falla “Rincón de Loix”.

24:00 h. Nocturnal parade, of Falla “Benidorm Centro”, around their quarter.


08:00. "DESPERTÀ" (waking up by the sound of firecrackers and music), in the streets surrounding the “Falla Rincón de Loix” and Falla “Els Tolls”.

12:00 h. Parade of the Falla “Rincón de Loix”, and the Falla “Els Tolls”, around their respective quarters.

12:30 h. Parade of the Falla “Benidorm Centro”, around their quarter.

18:00 h. FLOWER OFFERING to the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James, with the participation of the

three Fallas. They will meet at Av. Europa / Av. Mediterráneo.

ITINERARY: Mediterráneo, Martínez Alejos, Plaza de la Cruz, Alameda del Alcalde

D. Pedro Zaragoza, Mayor and Plaza de San Jaime.


08:00 – 08:30 h. "DESPERTÀ", on the streets surrounding the three Fallas.

12:00 h. Falla Rincón. Religious service, in honour of Saint Joseph at Nuestra Señora del Mar Church.

Falla Els Tolls: Religious service, in honour of Saint Joseph at Buen Pastor Church (time not set yet).

13:00 h. Falla “Benidorm Centro”. Religious service, in honour of Saint Joseph, at Saint James Church.

14:00 h. MAGNIFICENT "MASCLETÁ" (firecrackers sound show) at Falla “Benidorm Centro” (Plaza de la Hispanidad), Falla “Els Tolls” (Tomás Ortuño street) and Falla “Rincón de Loix” (Av. Mediterráneo).

18:00 h. BIG PARADE OF FLOATS, with the participation of the three Fallas.

ITINERARY: Juan Fuster Zaragoza avenue, Mediterráneo avenue, Plaza Triangular, ending at Esperanto street.

23:00 h. "CREMÁ" (Bonfire) of the children Fallas: Benidorm Centro, Rincón de Loix and Els Tolls.

00:00 h. "CREMÁ" of  the Falla “Rincón de Loix”.

00:30 h. "CREMÁ" of the Falla “Benidorm”.

01:00 h. "CREMÁ" of the Falla “Els Tolls”.